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Celebrate 40 Years of Leadership by Example

9/29/2016 | Posted By: Johanne Castagan

The women of Athena have collectively and individually demonstrated that women can rise to the highest levels of business, education, law, healthcare, journalism, media, the arts, and all other professions while maintaining dignity and the respect of others in the community.

Please join our 40th anniversary committee as we celebrate the past four decades and look forward to the next forty years. Athena was incorporated in October of 1977, and we’d like to hear where you were and what you were doing then. Your stories may make it into a part of the program. For those of you born after 1976, our 50th anniversary will take care of that. Vice Chair Judy Dato and I look forward to hearing from you soon: or Please contact us to be part of this exciting and fun committee. The date of our 2017 celebration is yet to be determined.

Cynthia Gandee Zinober
Chair, 40th Anniversary Celebration

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