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Membership Nominations due March 4th

1/25/2016 | Posted By: Johanne Castagan

Athena membership nominations are due Friday, March 4. The nomination form, which is available on the Athena website under the Membership Committee section, was updated last May to ensure that nominees fully support the Purposes of Athena, that nominees are aware of Athena’s Position Statements and that the questions the sponsors answer provide more insight into the nominees’ qualifications for membership. Please keep in mind that Athena continues to be very committed to further diversifying our membership.

Diversity comes in many forms – from the more visible dimensions of race, age and physical disability to the less visible dimensions of religious belief, socio-economic status and work experience. As you start thinking about a person you’d like to nominate for Athena membership, please also think about whether and how that person contributes to Athena’s commitment to further diversifying its membership as well as the other qualifications for membership. At your earliest convenience, when you decide on a nominee, please submit the name to Eleanor Hubbard (

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