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The Scarf…The Logo…The History

10/24/2017 | Posted By: Johanne Castagan

Our much admired scarf, created in honor of Athena’s 40th anniversary, was designed by Maruchi Azorin and Anne Kantor and introduced at the Captiva retreat in July. Its introduction prompted interest in our logo and questions as to its history.

At one end the scarf features the head of a typical Greek woman and at the other, Athena’s prized logo which was created during Juel Smith’s term as president. The group had been in existence for 15 years with no identifiable symbol and all who were consulted agreed it was time. Juel, with the assistance of Sandy Frye, worked with a local artist who eventually came up with the perfect illustration that we now proudly display on everything Athena.

It was only when the scarf was being created last Spring that a member inquired as to the registration of the logo. Surprisingly, no one had ever suggested it but the Board took quick action to begin the process. We are indebted to Gwynne Young who volunteered the pro bono services of Carlton Fields so we’re sure to be registered in 2018 for the logo’s 25th birthday ! The scarves, incidentally, will be available at the November 2 luncheon for $35.

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