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Women of Action – Hillsborough County COSW

2/3/2015 | Posted By: Johanne Castagan

This was an exciting quarter for the COSW. On behalf of Yvonne Fry, Susan Leisner, Denise Chavez, Kim DeBosier and Stacy Frank allow me to share some highlights with you. November’s Fourth Annual COSW Fall Issues Forum “Empowering Women through Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Trends” drew a diverse audience and served as a clearinghouse of information related to financial success. In December the late Josephine Stafford, pioneering lawyer; Sylvia Carley, distinguished college administrator and Athena Society member; and Matilda Martinez Garcia, Hispanic heritage advocate, were selected for induction into the Hillsborough County Women’s Hall of Fame on May 8 at The Tampa Convention Center. Please join us in celebration of the accomplishments of these remarkable women. The COSW Fall Issues Forum Advisory Council was established to advise and assist with the 2015 Fall Issues Forum. 2015’s focus issue is Women’s Healthcare and we look forward to working with Laura Haubner (TGH), Carrie Hepburn (Tampa Bay Healthcare Collaborative), Pamela Malone-Quarles (St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital), Donna Petersen (USF College of Public Health), and Valerie Whiteman (USF College of Medicine) on this critical issue.

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