Program Committee

The education component of our organization is accomplished, in part, through our monthly programs. The Program Committee is responsible for designing the annual speakers program for the monthly luncheons and for preparing the associated annual budget.

Historically, this has involved planning five full-fledged programs (October, November, January, February and the following September), as well as coordinating with the Community Action Committee and the Career Assistance Grants Committee for the March and May program speakers, respectively.

December’s luncheon is typically waived for the holiday party, and the Young Women of Promise Committee has historically arranged the April program with the recipients as speakers.

Program topics are intended to reflect current priorities for the organization, taking into account the President’s stated goals as well as topics of concern to our membership, in keeping with the Athena Society platform and values, and should include members speakers.

2023-24 VP/Programs:  Genet Stewart

Committee Members:
Star Brookins
Edna Broyles
Betty Castor
Sarah Combs
Diane Egner
Andrea Floyd
Yvonne Fry
Julia Gorzka Freeman
Marian McCulloch
Kimberly OVerman
Carolyn Reed
Bonnie Saks
Leslie Stein
Lorna Taylor
Lauren Valiente
Stacy Yates