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Inventions Created By Women

3/18/2016 | Author: Johanne Castagan

Inventions by women that changed the world….. Read more here: Inventions Created By Women

Support for Woman Entrepreneurs

1/25/2016 | Author: Johanne Castagan

Women entrepreneurs – specifically African American women – represent the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurship. Increasingly and worldwide, cities, regions and countries are looking to entrepreneurs to boost a lagging economy. According to Forbes, 36% of all US businesses are owned by women – an increase of 30% over 2007. “WBEs [women business enterprises] are…

Woman’s Series Lunch – Jan 26, 2016

1/13/2016 | Author: Johanne Castagan

At The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s 130th annual meeting held on December 17, Betty Castor was awarded the 2015 H.L. Culbreath Jr. Profile in Leadership Award. The award, established in 1997 is presented annually in recognition of an individual whose leadership has made a positive impact within the greater Tampa community. Betty is best…

Tiger Bay Club of Tampa Bay Luncheon

11/4/2015 | Author: Johanne Castagan

The Friday, November 20 Tiger Bay Club of Tampa Bay Luncheon, sponsored by the COSW, “Pay Equity: The Gender Gap is Real – What are the Solutions?” is sure to generate constructive dialogue and promote awareness regarding important wage-related issues facing citizens. For venue and time details or to RSVP for this event please go…