A Message From The President

February, 2014

Our January program featured Paddy Moses and Kerriann Greenhalgh who each spoke about the challenges they faced as female business owners. For those of you who missed the meeting, Paddy spoke first and described the obstacles she encountered years ago when starting her staffing company.

Kerriann is a young chemist with an undergraduate degree, masters and Ph.D. from USF. In 2011 she founded a woman-owned company called KeriCure, Inc. According to her website, “KeriCure was formed to bring a novel polymer technology to market in the form of highly effective topical wound care products.” Basically, KeriCure is a liquid bandage product. Kerriann’s product is now available on the shelves at Publix and Kroger stores.

As the mother of an active child, I listened carefully to the benefits of KeriCure and quickly pocketed samples for my medicine cabinet and purse. My son constantly scrapes his knees playing street hockey, riding a skate board and climbing trees. KeriCure has solved the wound care issues in my home!

I also listened to the challenges Kerriann encountered as she attempted to secure funding from private investors for her innovative product. With the help of family and friends, she successfully navigated the business world, obtained a patent, received FDA approval and launched a product. She faced numerous obstacles along the way, particularly from potential investors who questioned her maturity and ability to succeed. Her inspirational story was a reminder that Athena’s purposes are still relevant and necessary to insure that women have opportunities in the business world.

I am confident that Kerriann and other young businesswomen would benefit from membership in Athena. Our members have a depth of experience and strong desire to share their hard earned wisdom. We support one another, provide guidance and connect one another to valuable resources.

The Membership Committee recently distributed the nomination form which is due on February 28th. For the next month, please focus on identifying other women like Kerriann who will benefit from membership in Athena and strengthen our organization.