A Message From The President

January 2014

Each December our holiday party provides a wonderful opportunity to visit with friends. Thanks so much to Pete and Cynthia Gandee-Zinober for hosting the party at their lovely home. The weather was beautiful as guests mingled on the patio and listened to Christmas music played by the saxophonist. Once again the Hospitality Committee’s efforts resulted in an incredible, delicious spread and a memorable evening. I’d like to thank Yvonne FryJeanette Fenton, Linda D’Aquila and each of you who cooked, baked and worked during the party.

As January arrives, we will focus on our goal of identifying new members for our organization. At the annual meeting last June, I spoke about the importance of succession planning and diversity. We will enhance Athena by adding younger members, minorities and professions that are unrepresented or underrepresented. We have so much history and experience to share with younger members who are the future leaders of Athena. These women will bring new energy and enthusiasm to our group. Please think about your community connections and identify women who will add to the diversity of Athena. This year the Membership Committee consists of Lorna Taylor (Chair), Susan BucklewRobin DeLaVergne, Carolyn Reed, Amanda Sansone, Michelle Schofner, Mimi Stamps and alternate Simone Barefield. The Committee is finalizing the nomination form and will be distributing it in early January. Our collective New Year’s resolution is to submit forms that are thoughtful and help us attain our goal of diversity. I wish all of you a Happy New Year!