A Message From The President

June 2013

The year started with a song at retreat, and ends with preparation for the Career Assistance Awards in September. In between is a cacophony of activity, events, meetings and discussions. Somehow, within all of the committees and commotion emerges a polyphonic harmony that is Athena. OK – enough with the music metaphor – our musicians are probably cringing – but you get the picture. Beneath the regular monthly meetings the menu of awesome Bonus activities are a lot of member hours, energy and coordination. It is the energy and enthusiasm that has carried the organization throughout the decades. Having seen behind the curtain, I have a whole new appreciation for Athena.

Last month’s meeting was a good example. The presentations on sexual trafficking in our community were informative and compelling, but the hour and a half presentation was just one point in an extensive network of preparatory meetings and follow up activities. Each monthly meeting has been rich in content because of the planning committee and rich in fellowship because of your attendance.  Remarkable young women inspired us, and we recognized Ernest Hooper as our first “Young Man of Promise” for his mutual support of our goals. Hospitality brought us together for a perfect December evening of gentle music and balmy weather that was an oasis during the frenetic holiday season and Bonus activities offered something for everyone: culture, history, art, theater and even orangutan toys!

The foundation of our organization is, of course, our membership. The energy of the membership process culminates in the enthusiastic welcoming of our new members. And, as this is occurring, the Nominating Committee ensures the longevity of Athena by recommending new officers to the Board.

Now I join the group of past presidents – relieved to be “passing the gavel” to Amelia Campbell in June – with a much greater appreciation for all that is Athena and the very special women who collectively create the music.