A Message From The President

June 2018

Well, June is here and in the life of Athena, it signals some beginnings and endings. As your president, it is the end of what has been a year to remember. Now it is time for me to hand the gavel to PresidentElect Betty Castor and the end of my being able to say proudly, “I am your president.” Even in moments like these, there is so much to be shared, celebrated, recognized and applauded about Athena 2017-18. As I did in the May newsletter, I want to continue to honor and express gratitude to the other committee leaders and members for your impressive work, your unbridled energy and the noteworthy results that have made us so proud to be an Athenian. The salutes continue!

Thanking You for an Amazing Year

One of the ways we are renewed, energized and strengthened as an organization is through the welcoming of new members. Thank you to this year’s Membership Committee headed by Jeanette Fenton, VP Membership, and committee members: Keri Eisenbeis, Yvonne Fry, Denise Jordan, Susan Leisner, Mindy McLaughlin, Becca Tieder, and Tina Tenret for naming 10 outstanding women who have a commitment to Athena’s mission and purpose. Welcome and Congratulations, Class of 2018!

Gwynne Young and Amanda Samsone as leaders of the Hospitality Committee are indeed “hostesses extraordinaire”! Compliments to committee members, Karen Arnold, Susan Bucklew, Molly Crews, Ana Cruz, Julia Freeman, Linda Fries, Susanna Grady, Gail Holtzman, Michelle Schofner, Caroline Sikorske, Barbara Twine Thomas and Elizabeth Walters for celebrations that were memorable and kept us always waiting for the next time!

Our 2017-18 Program Committee lead by VP Belinda Wilson continued the tradition of outstanding programs, expert speakers and timely and relevant topics that led us to actions, partnerships and service. Thank you to Belinda and Libby Jenkins for your support and leadership and to members Ruth Bell, Yvonne Fry, Jessica Muroff, Mindy Murphy, Jane Peppard, Laura Tibbals and Kem Toole for a dynamic year!

Bylaws and Procedures surely are neither exciting nor fun, but they are necessary! The Bylaws and Procedures Committee, led by President-Elect Betty Castor is to be applauded for their work. Committee members are Sylvia Carley, Molly Crews, Robin DeLaVergne, Susan Leisner, Penny Parks, Mimi Stamps, Elaine Terenzi, Natalie Thomas, Kem Toole, Marketa Wills, Gwynne Young and Andrea Zelman.

A special thank you to the Philanthropy Committee leaders Elizabeth Frazier and Amelia Campbell and committee members Karen Arnold, Rachelle Bedke, Robin DeLaVergne, Julia Freeman, Ann Ross, Marlene Spalten, JoAnn Urofsky, India Witte, Xiao Zhang and Cynthia Zinober for helping keep alive the giving and sharing spirit of Athena members. Dianne Jacob is the board liaison. What a year it has been for programs that benefit from our members’ generosity.

Though a small committee, Jean McNally and Nancy Vaughn, the Communications Committee leaders and member Sylvia Carley have made Facebook among the ways we stay connected. Emails continue to reign as the number one way we get our information, but warm smiles and friendly hellos are what create the sisterly affection.

Finally, to all of you, I express my heartfelt gratitude for your part in making our 40th year and my term as president so very special. Thank you Eleanor Hubbard for three decades (plus) of service, loyalty, love, and dedication and welcome Johanne Castagan to Athena. Well, Betty, now it is your time; best wishes and congratulations!