A Message From The President

May 2013

Happy Mother’s Day !

Waiting for firsts. Longing for lasts. Fleeting moments. Gone too quickly. Joy. Sorrow. STRESS.  Motherhood!

How is it that the time with our children is so fleeting, yet the time with our parents seemed so substantial?  Between work, homework, sporting events…well, you know the drill – there is barely enough time to feed, clothe and clean. Are we able to influence too?

One of the many amazing things about my mother is the way she subtly suggested new ways to think about things. She would say no to buying an impulse toy by reminding me of the special feelings of holidays. They wouldn’t be special if they happened every week. She wasn’t saying no to the toy, she was preserving Christmas!  Time at the dining room table studying was an investment. Education is the only thing that no one can ever take from you. You can be naked in the street and still have it!  That vision of being naked in adversity, with my head held high and my mind filled with Education, really stuck. Don’t be afraid to take a position and stand up for what you believe. He who sits in the middle of the road gets hit by both sides. And when I sobbed at the airport because I would miss my sister who was travelling overseas for an extended trip, she told me to be thankful. Be thankful that you have people to cry for, and those who would cry for you.

My mother laughs when we go through her litany of Momisms and claims she doesn’t remember saying that, but then follows up that it’s good advice.

As parents, it seems like we just don’t have enough time before our kids are gone – to their own decisions, devices and relationships. To a teenager, the time with us can be unending as they wait for their shot at independence. This time distortion of childhood works in our favor. Every moment counts. Those Momisms become mantras that guide our life.

Celebrate our mothers; celebrate us.  Happy Mother’s Day.