A Message From The President

May 2019

As we approach our May meeting, Athena members have been extremely busy, planning end-of-the-year events and celebrating the highlights of 2018-2019.

April’s Young Women of Promise luncheon was another banner occasion.  Our young award winners are outstanding academic achievers who are committed to substantial volunteer activities at home and abroad.  Like Athena members, they don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk! Everyone left that uplifting luncheon knowing that our future is in very good hands.  Thanks to Denise Jordan, Jane Peppard and all of the committee members for an outstanding experience, followed by excellent media coverage.

This month’s Career Assistance Grants Program will introduce us to another group of deserving candidates.  When I discuss our Athena purpose with past presidents and long-time members, they invariably take great pride in the progress this program has made and the significance of educational scholarships. Our Education Fund within the Community Foundation was established in 1997 under the leadership of President Paddy Moses.  Forward thinking committee members at the time included Susan Bucklew, Nancy Ford, Linda Hanna and Juel Smith.  Kudos to them for launching this inspiring initiative, which was renamed in 2005 in memory of Athena member and USF Vice President, the late and incredible Phyllis Marshall.

You’ll be proud to know that over the last five years we have allocated $58,400 via this remarkable program.  Please show your support by attending the May 2nd luncheon and meeting our eight recipients. Kudos to Libby Jenkins, Bemetra Simmons and all of the committee members who had the unenviable task of selecting this year’s awardees.

Speaking of unenviable tasks, our brave Membership Committee has concluded their very demanding job of recommending ten new members who will be announced shortly.  This is no easy job, made more difficult annually by the good news that more and more successful women are realizing positions of prominence in our communities. Thank you Keri Eisenbeis and Becca Tieder for your leadership and willingness to tackle this awesome challenge.

We applaud Athena member “Mayor-to Be Jane Castor” for her decisive win in Tampa’s mayoral election.  We appreciate her past participation and wish her well in the years ahead.  The Mayor-Elect and City Council will take the Oaths of Office on May 1st at 10 a.m. at Armature Works.

Join your Athena sisters on Saturday, April 27th at 10 a.m. when Mayor Bob Buckhorn will rename the City’s South Regional Parking Garage (301 Channelside Drive) in honor of Tampa’s 57th mayor and Athena member, The Honorable Pam Iorio.  Friends and family will be there for the ceremony in Pam’s honor.

Thank you.