A Message From The President

November 2018

As I write this, we are only two weeks away from a dramatic election, one with tremendous consequences locally, as well as for our state and nation.  Our Board of Directors has strongly endorsed two Hillsborough County ballot issues: one providing a much-needed half cent sales tax for education; the other, a one cent sales tax for transportation. Hopefully, these crucial measures will win the endorsement of the voting public.

This 2018 ballot is somewhat daunting, largely due to the presence of twelve (!) proposed constitutional amendments. Our Program Committee recognized the challenge early. Last month they joined with the League of Women Voters (LWV) in presenting a well-researched program. We were briefed on the substance of each initiative and its pros and cons. We learned who supports each item and who opposes it. Athena does not have a “position” on many of these complicated issues but, thanks to our excellent Program Committee, we will make better informed choices as we confront this lengthy ballot. The League’s analysis is easy to find online, as are their recommendations.

When checking out candidates our Athena Position Statements can be helpful. It’s good to know if candidates champion similar views. And of course, we have a long-standing commitment to increasing the number of women in public office – and ultimately the quality of our governing bodies.

Elections aren’t the only things happening. Our committees remain hard at work. Our Program Committee, chaired by Diane Egner and Gail Auerbach, will have us shift gears with our next luncheon, with a program dedicated to the arts and their economic implications.  Please join us. In addition, both the Mentoring Committee (Ann Madsen and Natalie Thomas) and the Bonus Committee (Carolyn Reed and Mimi Stamps) are focusing on our new members. Here are opportunities to become more involved and have fun, too!  

Your Board dedicates time as well to overseeing our organization. We’ve planned the year ahead and look forward to our end of year holiday party. Put it on your calendar — now. We’ll be hosted by our very own Community Hero, Past President Jeanne Tate, recently honored by the Tampa Bay Lightning as “someone who goes above and beyond to inspire others.”  Sounds like the quintessential Athena Sister. And Jeanne and the Hospitality Committee know how to throw a good party, too. Can’t wait!