A Message From The President

September 2018

The New Year is upon us and our Athena sisters are already preparing for meetings and activities.  These plans are occurring because Athena is an organization of talented and committed women. After carving out successful careers and caring for their families, they reach out to improve our communities. One of my goals is to help Athena recognize the skills of our members and the contributions they make.

The new members personify our talents and energy. We welcome them!  Our Mentoring Committee, led by Ann Madsen, is already creating a plan to help match our new recruits within our growing organization.  In addition, Lorna Taylor, President-Elect is analyzing ways to optimize our new members’ considerable leadership skills for the good of our organization.

My second goal is to build on our remarkable legacy.  As Susanne McCormick reminded us at the retreat and during our fun-filled Trivial Pursuit game, we are following in the footsteps of some powerful women.  Our legacy extends not only to our immediate family, but also to those national leaders, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg (hope you saw RBG) and Mary McLeod Bethune whose statute will soon represent Florida in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall!

There are two more areas of emphasis in my sight.  First, members have said clearly that they want a more activist agenda.  Last year Bonnie Carr led the way and now Kem Toole will help steer the Community Action Committee to identify substantive issues in which we can engage.

Finally, Athenians have shown a charitable spirit in supporting Young Women of Promise and Career Assistance Grants.  Let’s continue to build on those iconic programs and ask our Philanthropy Committee to find new ways in which we can enhance our philanthropic reputation.  

I am inspired by the caliber of our membership and you can be sure that your Athena leadership team is energized about the potential in the year ahead.  

Thank you,